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or the husband for whom the 10-day

Here's one for the long-range planners. For the husband for whom the 10-day weather outlook just isn't long enough. For the wife who asks what you should do for supper while you're still eating breakfast. For the kids who ask when you can go back to Disney World while you're still in line at airport security in Orlando.

Yeah, anyone can do a 2017 ncaa basketball jersey  estimations column. (And you know we will. )#) This estimations column takes cheap basketball jerseys  a much-bigger-picture approach. This is a estimations column to cover the next 36 months in the NFL.

Whose career will take off between now and the start of the 2020 season? Whose will end? Who'll be getting the big money? Which teams' rebuild will bear fruit? Could there really be another lockout?

We've surveyed folks around the league to get some idea about which estimations make sense and which don't. So focus with us, for a moment, into our three-year crystal ball and catch sight of 25 estimations for the NFL's next three seasons:

Yes, Brady turns 40 next month. He just doesn't seem like a guy who's close to the end. The Patriots will likely throw him a bunch of more money this summer, he's got another great year in a souped-up Pats offense and they have to make a tough decision on Garoppolo, a free agent in 2018, college football jersey  when it's over. Expect Brady to outlast everyone's estimations for his college basketball jerseys  demise.

But not because, as the popular plot goes, the players won't push for NBA-level salaries or consequence-free medical marijuana. No, it's the owners who want the current deal extended, so as to (A) get some more money for ground credits and (B) reassure their TV partners of labor peace as the current deals with the networks begin to be depleted. No lockout or strike in the spring/summer of 2020. There's too much at stake.